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St. Petersburg Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Crossing a busy street without the protection of a roll cage, airbags, and seatbelt can be an experience of intimidation and fear. Many drivers refuse to give pedestrians the right of way at crosswalks, driveways, or in parking lots. St. Petersburg has excellent year-round weather, making getting around by foot appealing to anyone wishing to get a breath of fresh air and some exercise. However, as you well know, sharing the streets with vehicular traffic is anything but dangerous and terrifying. If you were hit by a car, SUV, truck, bus, or any other type of motor vehicle, contact an lawyer immediately for legal assistance. The driver who hit you should be held accountable for their actions not just with a moving violation, but with a hefty financial responsibility as well. Call the experienced St. Petersburg pedestrian accident lawyers of Barbas, Nuñez, Sanders, Butler & Hovsepian today.

St. Petersburg Pedestrian Fatality Rate Among Worst in Nation

St. Petersburg is among the second most dangerous cities (included along with Tampa and Clearwater) for pedestrians, according to St. Petersburg has a pedestrian death index of 190.13. The pedestrian death index is the ratio of fatalities to number of people who walk to work, and St. Petersburg’s 190.13 is second only to Orlando-Kissimmee’s of 244.28. Why are St. Petersburg’s streets so dangerous? High density traffic, the increasing prevalence of distracted drivers using cell phones behind the wheel, road rage, impatience, intoxication, drivers’ sense of entitlement to the road, and other factors all lead to unsafe road conditions for pedestrians and all road users. Poor road infrastructure for vulnerable users such as pedestrians also creates more opportunities for unsafe drivers to come into contact with pedestrians in St. Petersburg, aiding the tally of injury and death rates.

At Risk Groups

Everyone who gets hit by a motor vehicle is at risk of serious injury or death. However, senior citizens of 65 years or older account for 19 percent of all fatal pedestrian collisions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; additionally, they account for 10 percent of all pedestrian injuries. Children are also at higher risk. One of every five children under 14 years old who was killed in a traffic collision was killed as a pedestrian.

Were You Recently Hit in St. Petersburg?

If you were hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian, it is likely that your medical bills are reaching mind-numbing proportions. Similarly, the time spent off work and other economic damages that you may be suffering from should be taken care of by the party that was responsible for hitting you. Pain and suffering damages can help ease the discomforts of this terrible situation as well, and help to create a more stable economic future for you and your family in the process.

If you were hit by a vehicle, contact an experienced St. Petersburg pedestrian accident lawyer of Barbas, Nuñez, Sanders, Butler & Hovsepian at 1-800-227-2275 today. We can assist you throughout each step of your case.

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