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Tampa Estate Planning Lawyer

It may be true that everyone needs a will, but it is equally true that every individual or family has their own unique set of needs when it comes to drafting an estate plan. Our Tampa estate planning lawyers take to the time sit down with you and visit with you about your needs and desires. We advise you on your options and draft a complete set of wills, trusts and advance directives that are tailored to your personal needs.

Wills – Foundational Estate Planning Documents

Every estate plan should include a will. Not only is the will the traditional instrument for distributing property to one’s heirs, but the will can accomplish many other important objectives as well. For instance, the will can be used to appoint a personal representative to act as executor for the estate, rather than having someone appointed by the court. The will can also be used to designate a guardian for any minor children, again a decision you would rather make yourself than leave for the courts to decide. Wills are also useful to bequeath specific possessions to specific individuals and to leave a lasting legacy. Even if you are distributing the bulk of your assets and property through trusts, you will want a will to be sure and catch any assets that may have been unintentionally omitted from a trust.

Trusts – Essential Strategies for Tax Planning and Probate Avoidance

Trusts are increasingly popular ways to transfer assets to future generations. A revocable living trust offers the advantage of avoiding probate, so your beneficiaries get access to the property sooner and more efficiently. A trust is also a private document, unlike a will which becomes a matter of public record when it is probated. You may also wish to consider other types of trusts, such as irrevocable trusts or special needs trusts, which can offer significant tax savings and provide for the special needs of your loved ones.

Advance Directives – Planning for Incapacity

Estate planning is not complete unless you have also planned for your own care in the event of a period of physical or mental incapacity. We can advise you on the necessary instruments to meet your needs, including powers of lawyer, living wills and health care surrogates. If you are ever incapacitated – even temporarily – and unable to manage your own healthcare or legal or financial affairs, you want these decisions to be made by someone you know and trust and have delegated that authority to, not some person or institution selected by a judge you don’t know. If difficult decisions need to be made, better they are made by someone you have communicated your wishes to rather than left to anguished family members who may disagree about what to do in a difficult and emotional time.

Contact the Experienced Tampa Estate Planning Lawyers

You can trust the Tampa estate planning lawyers at Barbas, Nuñez, Sanders, Butler & Hovsepian to take the time to sit down with you and understand your needs and goals for a comprehensive estate plan. We discuss your options with you and provide practical legal advice that you can understand and that will help you make the best decisions for the future. You can rest assured that our Tampa estate planning lawyers will make sure all necessary documents will be prepared accurately and in accordance with your wishes. For help in establishing an estate plan or reviewing or modifying existing documents, call (800) BARBAS-LAW, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our Tampa estate planning lawyers.

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