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Case Results

$3,500,000 – Personal Injury

Autoclave explosion resulted in the client suffering from third degree burns over 80% of his body.

$2,500,000 – Back Taxes

Paid by multiple oil companies for back taxes owed to the City of Tampa.

$2,300,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Client fell off ladder/scaffold and suffered from quadriplegia.

$2,200,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Client fell from ladder and became partial quadriplegia.

$1,900,000 – Airplane Crash

Airplane crash case in New York. Client involved in crash in which 72 were killed after airline ran out of gas during flight. Case brought in the Federal Court.

$1,600,000 – Slip and Fall

Client slipped on a wet floor in a commercial building while returning from lunch and suffered bilateral knee injuries, bilateral wrist injuries and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

$1,200,000 – Personal Injury

Autoclave explosion. Client sustained loss of vision in one eye, third degree burns over 12% of his body, as well as facial disfigurement.

$1,004,000 – Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicle accident involving client as passenger in company van with several other co-employees when struck by defendant truck. The claimant suffered low back injuries requiring multiple level fusion, laminectomy, as well as pulmonary problems due to aggravation of pre-existing scoliosis and compression on lungs.

$990,000 – Vehicular Accident/ Products Liability

Client worked for County pulling bush hog on county owned tractor and was ejected off tractor resulting in bilateral amputation of both lower extremities.

$725,000 – Worker’s Compensation

Client working for a Governmental agency sustained an injury to her neck which resulted in a laminectomy and fusion.  Poor post-operative results required extensive pain management care and treatment.

$650,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident/ Motorcycle Collision

Client involved in motorcycle collision sustained open book fracture of pelvis; multiple bruises, abrasions, and lacerations; head trauma and impotence.

$625,000 – Medical and Indemnity

Lump-sum settlement (medical and indemnity) on behalf of injured worker client of $245,000, November 2019. Settlement was on top of $344,297.29 in past benefits secured for client, January through November 2019. Total benefits secured for client in 2019 were in excess of $625,000.

$500,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case where client fell two stories from construction site. Injuries included multiple fractures including transverse process fracture, cervical and lumbar spines, right hip fracture, fractured coccyx, multiple rib (8) injuries and psychiatric problems..

$500,000 – Workers’ Compensation

500 pound marble slab fell on top of client’s leg with injuries including chronic lymphoedema, venous insufficiency, chronic cellulitis and MRSA.

$472,000 – Medical and Indemnity

Medical-only settlement on behalf of injured worker client, November 2019: $472,000.

$450,000 – Personal Injury Case

Boiler explosion resulted in cranial fracture, subdural hematoma; loss of hearing to the client.

$437,000 – Personal Injury Case

Motor vehicle accident with an intersection collision. Injuries include back, neck and shoulder.

$375,000 – Personal Injury Case/ Motor Vehicle Accident

Claimant was passenger in a vehicle with two other individuals. The driver of the vehicle fell asleep, causing accident and the passenger sustained a fractured pelvis, laceration to skull, nose, and eye areas, shoulder and right knee.

$350,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case where the client sustained lower back injury while working at manufacturing facility.

$350,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Chemical burns resulting in Burns over 80% of the body.

$350,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case for a 21 year old undocumented worker who was working and sustained below the knee amputation as a result of a crush type injury.

$300,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers compensation case resulting from motor vehicle accident. Client involved in company van accident when struck by truck tanker and sustained back injuries and pulmonary problems.

$300,000 – Disability Claim

Client denied long term disability, resolved with payment in full of total disability payment. Suffered back injuries, pulmonary problems due to aggravation of pre-existing scoliosis and compression on lungs.

$300,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers compensation case involving right shoulder resulting in multiple surgeries.

$300,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

Undocumented worker. Claimant involved in head on collision with tractor trailer while driving his vehicle on way to school.

$255,000 – Workers’ Compensation/ Slip and Fall

Our client was injured in the shoulder and neck requiring surgical intervention.

$238,720– Workers’ Compensation

Exposure to toxic fumes led to pulmonary and cognitive injuries.

$225,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case. Crush injury to dominant extremity resulting in reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

$225,000 – Trip and fall

Trip and fall accident sustaining back injuries and psychiatric treatment

$225,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Our client was a truck driver who was involved in a work related accident when his truck rolled over seriously injuring his back and neck. The Employer/Carrier denied he was permanently disabled but the workers’ compensation judge disagreed and awarded permanent total disability.

$220,750 – Workers’ Compensation/Slip and Fall

Slip and fall while at work that resulted in low back and left knee injuries as well as a hernia and splenectomy.

$202,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case with injuries to the left knee and low back.

$200,000 – Workers’ Compensation/Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accident where the client incurred lower back injuries.

$183,500 – Workers’ Compensation

Our client was a truck driver who was in a work related accident where she suffered a compressed vertebrae and knee injuries. We claimed permanent total disability while our client was primarily treating with a pain management physician. The workers’ compensation carrier denied permanent disability.

$175,000 – Workers’ Compensation/Retaliation

Our client was a delivery driver who injured his leg and knee while falling at work. The Employer/Carrier denied the entire claim and fired our client for what they claimed to be a misrepresentation during the course of reporting the claim.

$150,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case Claimant fell off company truck and sustained low back injuries resulting in surgery.

$150,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Our client was a firefighter for numerous years when he suffered from chemical bronchitis and respiratory injuries after a brush fire. We claimed permanent total disability which the Employer denied.

$143,750 – Workers’ Compensation

Client was injured while lifting pallets on the job.

$130,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Client tripped and fell over a window pane and sustained lower back injury resulting in surgery.

$125,000 – Sexual Harassment

Our client was a sales person who was pressured by a senior executive to enter into a sexual relationship. After the executive continued his pursuit over an extended period, our client did briefly engage in a relationship but later sought to end the relationship. She was terminated shortly after ending the relationship.

$123,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Illegal alien fell from ladder while cutting palm tree and sustained a severe ankle and foot fracture.

$121,500 – Workers’ Compensation

Claimant fell from ladder and sustained non-surgical lower back injuries.

$115,000 – Age Discrimination/Retaliation

Our client was a retail clerk/associate who was a long term employee earning higher wages than many of his co-employees. After several years of favorable performance evaluations the Defendant claimed our client was not meeting expectations and he was placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). He was subsequently terminated after the PIP term ended.

$110,750 – Workers’ Compensation

Claimant was injured in the lower back while lifting an engine block resulting in surgery.

$100,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation case with a hand injury and injury to the dominant extremity.

$100,000 – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation accident where the claimant sustained bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and RSD resulting from repetitive trauma type injury.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

$100,000.00 settlement plus UM claim for $7,500.00 was awarded to the claimant who was backed over and struck by a vehicle in a parking lot. Injuries were sustained to the dominant upper extremity requiring surgical intervention.

$99,427 – Workers’ Compensation

Our client was a factory worker who injured his neck and back in a work related accident. The Employer obtained extensive surveillance of our client in his yard and garden and claimed he was no longer disabled despite his injuries.

$77,000 – Wrongful Termination/Workers’ Compensation Retaliation

Our client was an administrative assistant who was fired shortly after returning to work following leave due to a work related accident. The Defendant initially denied accommodation requests and later agreed to permit our client to return to modified duty. Shortly thereafter the Defendant terminated our client claiming the position was eliminated unrelated to the workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation

Judgment and award in favor of injured worker, November 2018. Client was a 62-year-old warehouse worker who sustained injuries to lumbar spine while moving inventory. Client had been provided only minimal medical care, no money benefits whatsoever, when he retained our firm. We took case to a final hearing in November 2018, and Judge of compensation claims ruled in our client’s favor 14 days later. All claims of injured worker granted, and claimant awarded permanent total disability.

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