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Sarasota Contractors & Subcontractor Injury Lawyer

At Florida construction sites where contractors and subcontractors are employed, the employers usually are required to have workers’ compensation coverage. Under Florida workers’ compensation law, all construction employers with 1 or more employees—and this includes non-exempt business owners—must carry workers’ compensation insurance. And if a contractor or subcontractor is employed by another type of employer, it is essential to know that all non-constructor employers with four or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance.

There are a variety of trades that are considered to be “construction employers,” and it is essential to know if a particular employer falls into one of these trades, especially if it is a very small business. If you were injured as a contractor or subcontractor, you should speak with a Sarasota contractor and subcontractor injury lawyer to learn more about your options for obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Requires for Subcontractors in Sarasota

Under Florida law, a contractor does not need to provide workers’ compensation coverage for a subcontractor and the subcontractor’s workers, but the contractor does need to make sure that the subcontractor has worker’s compensation coverage. As such, before starting a construction project, a contractor is supposed to ensure that a subcontractor has a workers’ compensation policy.

If a contractor does not obtain proof of coverage, the contractor may be responsible for covering injuries sustained by a subcontractor’s worker.

Independent Contractors Are Not Covered By Workers’ Comp in Sarasota, FL

The Florida workers’ compensation system, like other states’ workers’ compensation laws, does not provide coverage for someone who is classified as an independent contractor. It is important to understand the distinction between a contractor who may be hired as an employee for a particular construction project, and an independent contractor.

An independent contractor, as opposed to an employee, is a person who largely exercises control over his or her own work hours and work location. Independent contractors, unlike employees, do not tend to have any set hours, and their day-to-day work is not managed or directed by an employer. There are different tests for determining whether a person is an independent contractor or an employee, and a Sarasota contractors & subcontractor injury lawyer can speak with you about your case. The important thing to remember is that an independent contractor will not be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Filing a Sarasota Workers’ Comp Claim

If you were injured and are eligible for workers’ compensation, you should file a claim as soon as possible. You will have 30 days to report the injury. Once you report the injury and file a claim, you may be able to obtain the following benefits:

  • Wage loss benefits’
  • Permanent impairment benefits;
  • Costs of reasonable and necessary medical care; and
  • Coverage for vocational rehabilitation.

Contact a Sarasota Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have questions about seeking workers’ compensation benefits as a contractor or subcontractor, or if you were working for a subcontractor when you got hurt, you should get in touch with a Sarasota workers’ compensation attorney today. Contact Barbas Nuñez Sanders Butler & Hovsepian to learn more about how our firm can help.

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