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Sarasota Machine Injury Lawyer

Employees in industries where heavy equipment and machinery are used on a routine basis are at a greater risk of machine injuries. Often, these types of accidents are severe, resulting in tragic injuries that cause long-term disability to affected workers, or even death in the most extreme of cases. At the law offices of Barbas Nunez Sanders Butler & Hovsepian, our Sarasota machine injury lawyers understand what you’re going through if you’ve suffered a machine-related injury and are now dealing with serious damages. To learn more about our services and how workers’ compensation benefits can support you, call us today for your free consultation.

Common Machine & Equipment Accidents

The range of common machine and equipment accidents resulting in injuries is broad. Some common machine accidents include:

  • Machine malfunction;
  • Machinery entanglement;
  • Caught in/in-between machinery;
  • Crush injuries;
  • Fall objects from forklifts and other machines;
  • Machinery colliding accidents;
  • Degloving accidents; and
  • More.

The above types of accidents can result in tragic injuries, such as degloving injuries, amputation injuries, severe internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, bone fractures, and lacerations. Injuries like this may render the affected worker unable to return to work permanently, resulting in lost income and benefits. Additionally, these injuries are expensive to treat, and can lead to a high amount of medical debt.

Compensation for Your Harm After a Workplace Machine Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work involving heavy equipment or machinery, you deserve to be compensated in full for your harm. At the law office of Barbas Nunez Sanders Butler & Hovsepian, our lawyers can help. Avenues for recovery including:

Workers’ compensation claim

Most employees in Sarasota, including construction workers, are covered under workers’ compensation insurance. This type of coverage provides no-fault medical and wage-replacement benefits for workers who are injured during the course of employment.

Third-party liability claim

By virtue of the workers’ compensation system, employers are immune from personal liability. This means you cannot file a lawsuit directly against your employer following a workplace accident. However, you may file a third-party liability claim against someone else whose negligence caused your injuries, such as the manufacturer of a defective machine. In a third-party liability suit, you’ll need to prove negligence, causation, and damages, but the amount of money that you can potentially recover may be much more than what’s available in a workers’ compensation claim. Our lawyers can help.

Call Our Sarasota Machine Injury Attorneys Today

If you have been involved in a machine accident in Sarasota on the job, our experienced machine injury lawyers at the office of Barbas Nunez Sanders Butler & Hovsepian can assist you in filing your claim for benefits and negotiating your settlement amount. We care about you getting the full benefit amount that you deserve, and we know how to stand up to insurance adjusters and employers who try to deny or low-ball claims. To learn more about how we can serve you and to schedule your free consultation, please call our law firm today.

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