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Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

By Stephen M. Barbas |

An inexplicable scene confronted Ocala drivers in a February case of road rage on steroids: A jacked-up pick-up truck literally parked on top of a Toyota Camry to squelch the threats of the Camry driver. Indeed, after a period of reportedly reckless driving, an irate Camry driver exited his car to yell at, pummel,… Read More »


Personal Injury in the Form of Defamation of Character

By Stephen M. Barbas |

In a culture that is increasingly tolerant of nasty comments and snippy public remarks, when is the legal line crossed? Is anything out of bounds these days? An experienced personal injury attorney can help to answer questions about your individual circumstances.  What exactly is defamation of character? The legal definition of defamation refers to… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation Fraud

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Workers’ compensation is a safety net provided to workers who experience workplace injuries that compromise or eliminate their ability to earn a living. When fraud occurs, it has far-reaching effects. If you have been impacted by workers’ compensation fraud, an attorney who specializes in the area may be helpful. What is Workers’ Compensation Fraud? … Read More »


Workplace Burn Injuries

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Employers are required to provide safe working conditions for every employee. In the event a serious burn does occur at work, you may need legal help in obtaining the compensation you deserve. An effective personal injury lawyer can get you answers to your most pressing questions. Prevention is Key There are many important, yet… Read More »


Mental Health and Workers’ Compensation Claims

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Are you stressed out at the office? Are your worries about the job keeping you up at night? If your mental or nervous injuries are a manifestation of another injury that occurred at work, it may actually be possible to receive workers’ compensation to help with associated costs. However, in 2016 there are very… Read More »


Florida Workers’ Compensation Drug Free Workplaces Benefit Everyone

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Workers’ compensation claims cost Florida businesses nearly $400 million in total benefits in 2016. There is a way to reduce these claims, and to receive workers’ compensation premium credits while you do it. When employers create certified drug-free workplaces, there are plenty of benefits to go around. Employers enjoy maximized levels of productivity, greater… Read More »


Why You Need A Lawyer if You Want to File for Social Security Disability

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Has your life been impacted by a serious impairment that interferes with your ability to work? If so, you may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance. This safety net has been around for about 60 years, and provides some level of financial reassurance to vulnerable Americans. The number of Americans living with disabilities… Read More »


Florida Gun Violence

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Nothing could prepare travellers for what was coming on January 6, 2017: a 26-year-old man with a history of mental health issues simply began shooting in the Orlando airport. Injuries and deaths followed, along with incalculable psychological damage. Imagine living through that horrible day face to face with the violence. Imagine losing a loved… Read More »


Access to Medical Records in Florida: Can You get Documents You Need in a Wrongful Death Suit?

By Stephen M. Barbas |

The Florida Supreme Court recently listened to arguments targeted at expanding access to medical records in medical malpractice suits. The case involved the family of Marie Charles, who allegedly received negligent care from a local health care system. Arguments were partially founded on a constitutional amendment designed to expand records access. Questions swirled, dealing… Read More »


Florida Road Rage

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Miami is known for many things, from Jungle Island to its many museums and animal attractions. It is known as the Cruise Capital of the World, and is home to the famous Coral Castle. But here is a fact that is a bit more nefarious: Miami has been named home to the most aggressive… Read More »

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