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Monthly Archives: April 2023


What Is An Inference And How Is It Used In An Injury Case?

By Stephen M. Barbas |

You probably know that in your car accident case, you have to prove that the Defendant was negligent. That means putting on the evidence you need to show every part of your case. Or does it? Using Inferences Actually, there are some things in your personal injury case that you don’t have to prove,… Read More »

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Tort Reform Changes In Florida Mean Defendants Get Away With Careless Behavior

By Stephen M. Barbas |

Recently, the Florida legislature passed new laws, called “tort reform.” Tort reform is a word that is sold to the public as being helpful to society, or avoiding lawsuits, but really what tort reform does is hurt victims, and make it easier for careless Defendants to get away with their actions. Regardless of what… Read More »

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