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5 Things You Did Not Know about DUI Cases

You may believe that you are sufficiently informed regarding driving under the influence (DUI) charges to fight one on your own.  That would likely be a mistake.  DUI cases can be quite complex, and an experienced DUI lawyer can assist you.  Here are five things you may have never known about DUI cases.

You Do Not Actually Need to Be “Over the Limit”

Most people are aware that the legal limit for one’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.08.  However, you do not necessarily need to have a blood alcohol concentration over 0.08 in order to be arrested or charged with driving under the influence.  If a driver’s ability to operate his or her vehicle in a safe manner is impaired by alcohol or drugs (even legal or over the counter drugs), he or she may be guilty of driving under the influence.

You Do Not Actually Need to Be Driving

If you are pulled over to the side of the road, or even resting in a parked car, you can still be charged or arrested with driving under the influence, as the interest in the law is in preventing intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel or in control of a vehicle.  Police officers additionally may assume that you drove to your current location at some point.  Even though sleeping in your car to sober up may be somewhat safer than driving, a better choice to avoid a DUI charge is to take a cab or get a room.

Urban Myths to Beat Breathalyzers Do Not Work

You may have heard that placing a penny in your mouth, using mouthwashes, drinking coffee, or other steps can allow you to sober up more quickly or ensure a breathalyzer test reveals a 0.00 blood alcohol level.  However, none of these steps will help you to become sober more quickly, and some may even cause a breathalyzer to register a higher blood alcohol level than your true measurement.  A criminal defense lawyer with experience in DUI cases can assist you in challenging the results of the sobriety or breathalyzer test.

DUIs Are Not Limited to Cars

DUI charges have been brought against drivers of boats, tractors, scooters, and even riding lawnmowers, child-sized motorized cars, and horses.  In Florida, some of the most common unexpected DUI charges result from driving golf carts after having a few drinks, which are valid despite the golf cart’s low speed and operation on empty grass.  It is best to avoid operating any potentially dangerous vehicles of any sort after ingesting drugs or alcohol.

You May Be Able to Plead Down or Avoid a Finding of Guilt

Being charged with driving under the influence is not the end of the state’s obligations to meet its burden of proof.  The state, as nearly always, must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to find you guilty.  An experienced DUI lawyer can assist you with resolving your case in recognition of your rights.  At Barbas, Nunez, Sanders, Butler & Hovsepian, our experienced Tampa criminal defense lawyers are available to help.  Call toll-free at 1 (800) 227-2275 for a consultation today.

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