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Auto Accidents outside of Tampa – Who to Hire?

When you’re on vacation, taking a work trip, or visiting loved ones out of town, the last thing you’re thinking about is a car crash. Unfortunately, these accidents can and do occur even when people are away from home, and this aspect adds even more confusion to an already difficult situation.

Before even considering who to hire as an lawyer, it’s important to obtain proper medical care. Even if you don’t feel hurt, or don’t want to go to an unfamiliar hospital, the documentation of your visit may end up being important to your case. Once these immediate issues are resolved, then you can begin to consider who to hire for your auto accident. Tampa is full of lawyers, but not all of them are necessarily equipped to handle a long-distance case. Three important factors to consider when choosing are:

  1. How high tech are they? Doing a long distance case requires an auto accident lawyer to be more tech savvy than a normal case. If they can effectively use all of the tools at their disposal, like scans, e-mail, and even video calling, it can help them handle your case better. Conversely, an lawyer who struggles with technology may not be able to communicate effectively with the opposition.
  2. Are they knowledgeable of or experienced with working in the area of your accident? An lawyer who has done out-of-town cases before knows better what to handle, and if they’ve worked in that particular location that the crash occurred, they may even already have contacts in the area that can help your case get through the court system quickly and properly.
  3. How committed are they to your case? Handling an out-of-town case requires more work than one in Tampa. Your auto accident lawyer needs to be willing to take on this challenge, even if it means driving long distances or more paperwork.

To avoid issues such as those above, you may initially consider hiring an lawyer from the area in which your crash occurred. However, it’s important to remember that if they’re far away from you, they’ll still have to be tech savvy, knowledgeable, and committed because they need to communicate with you. But, then you may have to be as well just to communicate with them. For many people, though, it’s more important for them to be able to talk to the lawyer face to face.

If you’ve been in an accident outside of Tampa and want to talk to an lawyer, contact Barbas Law today. We offer a free consultation and can answer your questions regarding how to handle out-of-town accidents.

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