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I have been injured at work and I am temporarily unable to return to work because the doctor says I should stay home. Who is going to pay me?

Should stay home. Who is going to pay me?

Under Florida Workers’ Compensation Law, you are entitled to indemnity benefits or lost wage benefits. There are categories of temporary indemnity benefits, specifically, temporary total disability and temporary partial disability.

You are entitled to temporary total disability when an authorized physician indicates that you are prohibited from returning to any work activity. The insurance company should then process payments to you at 66-2/3% of your average weekly wage that you were earning for 13 weeks prior to the accident. You are temporarily partially disabled, when your doctor believes that you can return to work, but you have work restrictions. If your work restrictions limit you to such an extent that you are unable to return to work, then you will receive 64% of your average weekly wage.

If you are temporarily partially disabled and are able to return to work under your restrictions, then you may be entitled to the difference between the water you are receiving at this light duty job compared to what you were making before the accident, subject to a limitation of a total of 80% of your average weekly wage.

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