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The Top 3 Differences between Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

Anyone who has been in an accident knows that it can be a harrowing experience, but if you’ve been in an accident involving a commercial truck, it can be even more stressful. Regardless of who is at fault, who your personal injury lawyer is, and if it was in Tampa or any other Florida city, you should be aware of some distinct differences between this type of wreck and one involving only personal vehicles.

The top three differences are:

  1. Injuries – It goes without saying that an accident involving a semi-truck is likely to be more severe and cause more injuries or even deaths than one involving only cars. However, there may also be secondary injuries caused by the contents of the truck. For example, if the truck was carrying flammable materials, it could result in burns and respiratory issues that can manifest later and have lasting effects, and all of these possibilities should be explored by your personal injury lawyer when assessing compensation.
  2. Insurance – The insurance carried by a commercial driver is different than that held by individuals, and your personal injury lawyer should be experienced specifically in dealing with commercial insurance carriers so that they can better represent your interests and help avoid unfair or abusive treatment. They should be able to understand how the insurance applies to your particular situation and the amount of compensation you’re due.
  3. Lawyers – Many commercial trucking companies retain law professionals just for handling accidents, and they work to minimize the judgment against their company. If you want to make sure you’re treated fairly, then hiring a lawyer who is experienced with truck accidents can even the playing field.

Even the best truck drivers are challenged by long hauls. While many are conscientious and careful drivers, not all maintain such good practices, and many truck accidents are caused by drowsy, careless, aggressive, or inhibited driving. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows what to look for and can help pinpoint contributing factors and the cause of the accident, which may be integral to not only determining fault but also in getting the settlement you deserve.

For more information on the differences between car accidents and truck accidents, contact an experienced personal injury law firm today. Whether you’re in Tampa or any other Florida city, you deserve to be treated fairly and get the information you need to make educated decisions in the handling of your case.

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