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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death occurs when a person dies as a result of someone else’s behavior.  When this occurs, the victim’s surviving family and maybe others can bring claims for wrongful death.  This provision is intended to hold individuals financially responsible for the harmful effects of their tortious behavior, and also to provide financial compensation for the survivors’ losses, including lost wages, funeral expenses, and intangible damages like loss of companionship or consortium.  Wrongful death claims are often appropriate in cases of products liability, medical malpractice, slip, trip, and fall claims, and many others.

Where Do Wrongful Death Claims Arise?

Wrongful death claims can arise in a variety of contexts but vehicle accidents, criminal acts, death while participating in an activity supervised by purported professionals, medical malpractice, and exposure to hazardous substances (like asbestos or pollutants) are some of the most common types of wrongful death claims.

Who Can Be Responsible for Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death claims are not limited to auto accidents.  Wrongful death claims can be filed against nearly anyone who had a responsibility and failed to fulfill it, causing someone else’s death.  Corporations, individuals, and even the government can be held responsible wrongful deaths in medical malpractice, workplace accident, or product liability cases.  Wrongful death cases can even involve a variety of different parties.

How Should I Proceed?

If you believe you have a wrongful death claim, you may be experiencing a range of emotions, and may be having a difficult time navigating the peculiarities of the legal system.  Wrongful death claims can involve multiple areas of law at once, and can lead to large awards of compensatory, economic, non-economic, and even punitive damages, so it is important to choose your lawyer and representation carefully.  Be sure to select representation that is committed to you and your needs.  At Barbas, Nunez, Sanders, Butler & Hovsepian in Tampa, our experienced and successful lawyers are ready to advocate for you.  Call toll-free at 1 (800) 227-2275 for a consultation today.

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